What is WordPress Website Design?

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WordPress Website Design is the process of building websites using the WordPress platform. WordPress is a free website design, content creation and development platform, but to put it simply, its a tool that is used to create websites. Websites can be created from scratch using raw code such as HTML, javascript, and CSS, but this is rarely done today. WordPress website design greatly accelerates the process of developing rich websites that are full of content by standardizing the way we do things and by giving us reusable code blocks and designs to quickly build out an entire site.

Besides facilitating website design, WordPress offers a simple way for less technical users to continue building website content once the website is built out. Blogging is a great example of this. Once the website is built, a non-technical author can write additional blog posts that automatically inherit the website theme, navigation, and layout. The writer doesn’t need to think about any of this, they just type in their content and can quickly publish a new page or post.

WordPress is also a widely used platform and as such, many templates, themes and plugins have been developed that implement common web features and designs. Website templates can be a great starting place to build upon and a nice template can save considerable custom design time. Themes likewise standardize the look and feel of your website and can bypass a lot of foundational work that goes into building websites. This translates into saving you money when you’re having a website built out.

A plugin is just code that can be installed on your website to perform a certain task. For example, you might want images that flip like a trading card to reveal the back side. This type of behavior can be written from scratch, but with WordPress there are reusable plugins that can make your images do this in just minutes of configuration. Some plugins are free and some have a licesing fee, but in most cases its a very modest fee. This allows you to add website features that would simply not be possible in any reasonable budget if you needed to pay your developer to create them from scratch.

In summary WordPress is a tool that allows web developers to create a website for you in substantially less time than it takes to build a website without it. It then also allows less technical users to expand upon the website content. It’s free so it doesn’t add any cost to your website design and it is widely used which means there are a lot of community resources available.

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You can learn more about WordPress on the open source project website: https://wordpress.org/

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