Tip #1 – Design a Focused Website Conversion Goal

Arrow illustrating people moving to a focused Website Conversion Goal.

What is a Website Conversion Goal?

This is the ultimate goal you have for prospects who visit your website for the first time. Often the goal is to compel them to contact you for more information and to further the sales opportunity. It may be getting them to sign up for a free trial, or even guiding them directly to a purchase decision. Regardless of what you decide, your website should have a singular goal and focus visitors on taking the action you desire most.

How does website design affect my conversion goal?

Your website design needs to drive people to your goal. That means we need easy ways for visitors to take the action that drives your goal. If your goal is for prospects to contact you or schedule an appointment to learn more, we need to make sure your contact information is prominent at the top of the website and stays always in view.

We will also want to give visitors multiple ways to take the action you prefer. In the case of a “contact us” goal , we’ll present direct methods such as phone and email, and also offer a “contact us” form for them to fill out. Your call to action “Contact Us” will appear strategically throughout your site and content to give someone the opportunity to take action as they explore and learn more about you and your products and services.

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What if I want my website to serve multiple purposes?

Most website designs must serve multiple purposes that include educating prospects and current customers about your products and services, demonstrating your competency and character, and driving prospects to do business with you. However, when we talk about a conversion goal, you must accept that splitting focus most often results in less of each action you want people to take. We must choose the top action that drives your business and focus your website design on it like a laser. The rest of the website design and content will support your other business purposes while maximizing conversions into the action that delivers you the most business.

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