Tip #2 – Function wins over Fancy – Observations from a Mature Website Design Company

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Our website design company has seen the internet mature a great deal in the past two decades or so. Website design has matured as well over the years and people have become accustomed to common standards across different websites. Companies big and small have tried all manner of website designs and have spent fortunes developing user experiences to create a unique presence on the web. However, as it turns out, study after study shows that website visitors appreciate a website more when it follows modern design standards even when compared to a truly amazing and unique experience. This appreciation translates into visitors finding the information they need, having a good experience on a website, spending more time on a website, and converting at high rates.

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The good news for business owners is, the modern standard for website design is fairly simple to follow and is extremely cost effective to build. Any reputable website design company should be following these simple, but fundamental guidelines. The days of flash based websites, with elements moving all over the place, are over. Those websites are not only expensive to build, they are not effective at communicating and engaging with website visitors for 99% of businesses. Here are some of the top design standards that consistently test better with website survey groups:

Some Modern Standards for Website Design

  • Logo in Top Left Position
  • Main navigation on the top header bar
  • A prominent Call To Action near the top
  • A clear value proposition near the top
  • Responsive Website Design (Automatically adjusts based on screen size)
  • Social Media Links in the Footer
  • Use Faces and People Pictures (of real people, like you, is better than stock)

Does this mean every website should look the same? Absolutely not! However, don’t go off the rails creating a new way to surf the web on your website. People expect to find things in certain places and its frustrating when a website doesn’t conform.

Your website should be uniquely you and your business, but the layout should help a visitor consume your website content rather than stand in their way by bucking the standard.

Our goal is always to design a website that our customer loves and of which they can be proud. At the same time, we want the websites we create to deliver maximum business results to our clients. You need a website design company that has experience building beautiful websites that convert. Trust us to guide you, and know that we’ll always find a way to deliver what you want while using best practices to make sure your website drives more business your way.

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