Tip #3 – Hire a Website Developer rather than a Website Designer

A website designer drawing with ease and struggling as a website developer.

A great website designer may struggle to bring a web project to the finish line!

Would you ask your home decorator to build your house? Of course not, but this is analogous to what people do when they hire a website designer to build their website, web store, or other web tools. A “website designer” may be great at the aesthetics of laying out web pages and absolutely horrible when it comes time to implement the design. They also may lack business knowledge, and will rely entirely on you to provide website copy and overall website direction. Are you an expert in web marketing?

What good is a beautiful website design that does not convert visitors into customers?

There are website designers out there that know their way around WordPress for sure, but their coding skills are usually limited and they are much slower at developing and configuring websites after the design phase. We’ve encountered many customers who had initial designs mocked up, but then got stuck in limbo waiting for their designer to implement the approved designs.

Save Time and Money by Hiring a Website Developer

In contrast, a web developer is like the general contractor of websites. They have the skills, resources, business acumen and connections to design your website and build it efficiently. A good website developer will also make use of third party resources when it is most economical to do so for the customer.

At Daniel Sepich Web Development, we have in house designers, copywriters, marketers, business analysts and coders. Our comprehensive set of skills allows us to rapidly deliver high quality work at every stage of website development. We also have a vast network of designers, developers and programmers that we can tap into when needs arise and when it will help deliver the best value to our customers.

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